Proventix Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

Partnering Up for Patient Safety and Satisfaction

At Proventix, we know change is hard particularly when it comes to transforming hospital culture. Our team is committed to help you take the lead in hand hygiene progress and develop a healthcare staff that learns to incorporate proper hand hygiene compliance into their daily workflow with ease and positivity. We’re passionate about cultivating patient safety. And, with so many changes coming our way in healthcare, we will help you achieve your hand hygiene goals while promoting quality, reducing infections, and improving patient satisfaction with positive financial outcomes. Hand hygiene is part of the practical clinical workflow process we should perform each time we come in contact with a patient. That’s not always what happens in a busy healthcare setting. We find this behavior modification can influence positive change in many different quality initiative projects.




Rounding Reports and Caregiver Movement

Managers have access to reports to review live hand hygiene events in patient rooms, aiding in the invaluable opportunity to educate staff at the individual level for compliance or noncompliance.  This also gives managers data to reward staff who consistently practice appropriate hand hygiene while visiting their patients.  The  rounding report can speed up post-exposure investigations by displaying caregiver entry details.  These details include which rooms have been visited by healthcare workers and their duration of stay in each room down to the second.


Production and Support

Once your site is in production, our customer support team works with you to educate staff, interpret the changes  in dispensing , understand compliance scores,  improve trends and prepare a strategic plan to reach realistic goals for washing on entry and exit.