Proventix Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics

Follow the leader in hand hygiene. Proventix takes pride in finding ways to help healthcare workers improve patient care. Proventix’s nGage™ offers more than just hand hygiene, focusing on patient safety and satisfaction through monitoring, reporting and analytics. Our support services include a dedicated clinical support representative and a clinical support team with over 155 years of combined experience in epidemiology, nursing, public health, hospital infection prevention, microbiology and hospital executive leadership. We invite you to learn more about our services below and contact us for more information on how we can help you!


healthy hands seal of approvalThrough the operation and administration of nGage in medical facilities across the United States, Proventix is quickly proving why Clean Hands Matter® in the fight against healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Through the use of proprietary radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, nGage creates a network where hand hygiene activity can be continuously monitored without disrupting the daily workflow of healthcare workers. Also, nGage motivates healthcare workers to wash their hands by providing professional, performance, and user-identified content via an interactive display located above soap and sanitizer dispensers.

With every implementation of nGage, Proventix provides administration and maintenance services to ensure our clients receive their Healthy Hands Seal of Approval®, which demonstrates to others the commitment to excellence in hand hygiene compliance.  Proventix offers prompt on-site support and maintenance services as needed to ensure its software and hardware components remain fully functional.

ngage team assistIn addition to monitoring hand hygiene, administration of nGage’s Team Assist® functionality allows healthcare workers to complete routine tasks in a more efficient manner. For example, with Team Assist, healthcare workers can quickly locate co-workers, assess patient rounding, and manage/locate medical supplies and equipment all from nGage’s interactive display located above soap and sanitizer dispensers.


nGage software provides hospital management with access to near real-time data 24/7. Automated weekly reports are sent out to nurse managers and various hospital representatives. Compliance and dispensing data provide actionable information to healthcare workers. Proventix provides reports on increases and decreases in dispensing and hand hygiene compliance at the unit, team and individual levels. The reporting data at the individual level allows healthcare workers to change their behaviors in a way that is tailored to their specific workflow.


Proventix provides clients with monthly benchmarking data. This data allows our clinical team to recognize meaningful patterns of hand hygiene statistics. Our analytics predict and identify opportunities for improvement and engagement with hospital staff. Proventix clinical consultants can provide clients with detailed and actionable information on where the best opportunities for improvement exist and how to achieve improved compliance and patient satisfaction. This data can also improve nursing workflow by identifying the most efficient schedules for patient interactions.

Though monitoring, reporting and analytics, Proventix clients are able to identify and compel clinical excellence.  It’s a challenge, but it’s important. Let’s do it together!