Proventix Hand Hygiene All-Americans Award

The Proventix Hand Hygiene All-Americans were created to publicly recognize and celebrate the successes of individual healthcare workers who demonstrate leadership in hand hygiene compliance and encourage others in the healthcare industry to follow their example.

To qualify for the award, the healthcare worker must:

  1. have over 1,500 hours of RFID badge time observed with Proventix’s nGage system;
  2. over 3,000 patient room visits, and
  3. an exceptional compliance ranking.

 hand hygiene system awards

“Proventix congratulates the 2014 Hand Hygiene All-Americans for their recognition as leaders in quality improvement,” said Harvey Nix, Proventix CEO. “Hand hygiene is a key behavior that can have rippling effects on many other quality events in a hospital. These individuals lead by example and are a great asset to the healthcare industry.”

Click here for the 2014 All-American Winners