nView Nurse Rounding Monitoring System

Streamline and ensure intentional rounding
Are you missing rounding opportunities?

Are you having trouble managing the hourly rounding? Studies indicate that focused efforts on routine caregiver rounding improve patient satisfaction, which is directly tied to reimbursements. In addition, hourly rounding prevents patient falls and skin breakdowns and improves the efficiency of your staff. Simplify your intentional rounding using real-time caregiver data with nView. Our nurse rounding monitoring system nView uses a visible monitoring unit placed in a convenient location in each nursing station. As a result,  you and your staff use live data to quickly determine if your rounding requirements by room are being met. Recognize if your staff have not visited a patient before the end of the hour. Electronically document the patient visits with the date and time.


Our nurse rounding monitoring system gives managers access to reports to review live hand hygiene events in patient rooms. Our reports aid in the invaluable opportunity to educate staff at the individual level for compliance or noncompliance. nView’s reports also give managers data to reward staff who consistently practice appropriate hand hygiene while visiting their patients. nView generates reports that can speed up post-exposure investigations by displaying caregiver entry details.  These details include which rooms have been visited by healthcare workers and their duration of stay in each room down to the second.


nurse rounding monitoring system

Hourly rounding by hospital staff improves patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our nurse rounding monitoring system helps you keep track.