nSight Hospital Asset Tracking System

Manage inventory and track assets
Why have separate vendors?

Seconds count in the hospital… don’t waste them searching for equipment. We all know hospitals are busy. Staff travel through many different areas during their shifts. As a result, when they need equipment, it can be difficult to locate items in a timely manner. If you factor in emergency situations, misplaced equipment becomes a stressful problem. Misplaced equipment endangers patients, could negatively affect patient satisfaction, and could even impact a patient’s outcome. A hospital asset tracking system ensures your staff find the equipment they need, when they need it. Additionally, market research indicates that the hospital asset management will rapidly continue to expand in order to efficiently manage inventory and reduce losses.


The nSight hospital asset tracking system is built on our cloud-based platform. Our RFID asset tags report on device location with real-time visibility as they move throughout your hospital. The tags can be applied to anything from wheelchairs to walkers and anything of monetary value that you’d like to locate at a moment’s notice.


Additionally, nSight’s robust reporting tools let you analyze and determine which assets are being underused and overused, allowing you to determine if any should be moved to other areas or if there is a justifiable need to order more. Make every second count, improve utilization rates of existing equipment, and help reduce unnecessary purchases of more inventory or supplies with the nSight hospital asset tracking system!

nSight hospital asset tracking system

Utilize the nView hospital asset tracking system to easily locate and track your hospital’s valuable assets.