nRange Hospital Environment Monitoring System

Oversee temperature, humidity and pressure…anywhere
What can nRange measure for you?

Why have separate vendors for temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring?

We can handle these regulatory requirements with one hospital environment monitoring system.


Temperature, humidity and pressure play key roles inside hospitals and healthcare facilities and must be a top priority. Compromising the integrity of each of these measurements can result in poor outcomes across many areas… from the operating room, to the laboratory, to the NICU.


Patients and their families count on test results to be accurate. They depend completely on their healthcare teams to transport their samples, store them appropriately, and keep them viable. What happens after these blood, tissue, and other samples leave the patient is ultimately the staff’s responsibility. Bad hospital temperature monitoring is an avoidable mistake that contributes to medical errors and never events. With Proventix’s nRange, you can oversee environmental factors of temperature, humidity, and pressure throughout your hospital, anywhere and anytime!


Many systems today touch on these measurements, but few are as accurate as nRange. In addition, these systems are often offered separately and through different platforms. Our nRage hospital environment monitoring system operates on our one platform and delivers mobile alerts continuously the second a breach occurs, all while boasting extensive reporting capabilities.  nRange is another product inside the Proventix  services platform to keep your processes running smoothly. Take that constant need to supervise this information off your endlessly increasing task list.


hospital environment monitoring system

Capture and analyze temperature, humidity, and pressure data to improve patient care and comply with regulatory requirements.


Monitor temperature continuously and electronically with nRange. Receive automatic alerts when the temperature is out of range before loss occurs.


No need to check and log humidity separately.  nRange, does it all for you by continuously monitoring and reporting humidity levels to help meet regulatory standards.


Continuously monitor pressure. You set the specifications yourself. Anything out of range will automatically be reported to your staff.