nGage Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

Clean hands, prevent infections, and inspire staff
nGage™ - the Heart of the Solution

Hand hygiene – performed at the necessary times and with the proper technique – is proven as the most effective way to prevent the spread of healthcare associated infections. In fact, anywhere from 55% to 70% of all healthcare infections could be preventable. The Proventix nGage™ electronic hand hygiene monitoring system is a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) network and user-application that collects and provides a hospital with hand hygiene data. Communication Units mounted above soap and sanitizer dispensers record individual compliance without impeding clinical workflow. As a result, this network allows clinicians to visualize individual hand hygiene compliance and provides top-level and granular analytics with dashboards. The nGage system is an effective tool that overcomes the barriers to hand hygiene compliance through education and point-of-care feedback.

nGage hand hygiene compliance with doctor

The nGage online application is a cloud-based system that provides the backbone of the Proventix System. nGage is easily-accessible, intuitive, and provides extensive drill down capabilities such as cross-contamination reporting. This includes robust reporting, data presentation tools, caregiver rounding reports, and automated, themed, display-ready PDF performance reports that are pushed to managers each week. The nGage system is an effective tool that allows you to access all of your reporting, manages your personnel who are badged, and allows the end-user to manage their information.  The nGage system is the platform that can run all of your hospital’s chosen products that we offer… all right at your fingertips. Let Proventix be the one vendor that offers multiple solutions to meet your data-driven needs.

How is nGage different?
a clinician holds the Proventix nGage user badge in her hands
The nGage user badge can easily be worn under a healthcare worker's hospital badge and records their use of soap and sanitizer during their daily workflow

The nGage hand hygiene monitoring system works because it compels compliance through positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and creating healthcare worker efficiency. nGage is designed to become a part of the daily activities of caregivers without causing a disruption in workflow or becoming a source of annoyance. The badge is light-weight, user-friendly, and does not have to be charged.

the Proventix Communication Unit displays a message to the healthcare worker
The Proventix nGage Communication Unit is placed next to any soap or sanitizer dispenser. It displays helpful information to the healthcare worker and records each time they wash or sanitize their hands.