nForce Hospital Labor Management and Analytics

Human resource management
How efficient are your staff?

There are so many important roles in healthcare today. Hospital labor management can be very burdensome and time consuming to monitor each group accurately, particularly since all roles have very different tasks and goals to meet. Some roles are visible to your patients and their families, and time spent with them is critical to outcomes and patient satisfaction scores. Because of the increasing trends toward value-based reimbursements, these patient satisfaction scores are becoming very important to a hospital’s bottom line.


nForce’s hospital labor management gives you the tools to create smart processes for your hospital roles and their workflow. It gives you the tools to determine where the valuable time of your staff is being spent – is it being spent wisely, or is time being lost?  When staff are inefficient with their time, it is not only costly but affects patient outcomes.  Staff who work efficiently improve many areas and have the healthiest impact on patient care and their outcomes. With tightening financial budgets, the more resourceful you can be with the staff you have the better.


Proventix’s nForce lets you explore resource management by quantifying labor utilization within its reporting system. nForce captures the amount of time clinicians spend in direct patient care. With our comparative analysis functionality, you can look at details by individual and/or compare staff on any unit, area, or discipline. In addition, our labor utilization tools can aid in summation for Medicare cost reporting. As a result, it ensures that your work flow is optimized. The labor utilization report is sent directly to you for analysis.

hospital labor management graph

Proventix’s nForce solution provides reporting that shows the amount of time a clinician has spent in a patient room