nDemic C. Difficile Pathogen Tracing System

Investigate pathogen transmission trails
Concerned about the spread of C. diff in your hospital?

When a pathogen is spreading in your hospital, it can be a very stressful waiting period between discovering the problem and resolving it. As healthcare providers, we are emotionally connected to our patients, their families, and our coworkers  Any preventable infection acquired in the hospital is hard to accept and managing it can feel like an uphill battle. Getting control of pathogen transmission has become of utmost importance as superbugs are increasing and building strength against most of our antibiotics.


Patients and their families pay the ultimate price as these pathogens run rampant. Up until now, there just wasn’t much technology developed to help monitor pathogens and manage these situations with accuracy and speed.  Patients in the hospital want to be treated and get better. However, when they develop a hospital acquired infection, their recovery is compromised.


Proventix’s nDemic, C. difficile pathogen tracing technology, allows Infection Control personnel to investigate  the spread of the pathogen and potential control deficiencies with the staff members. If you have a C. difficile patient, and the pathogen begins to spread, you can drill down to analyze entry and exit cleansings and see exactly what is happening. You can look further to discover when and if soap and water are being dispensed and at what time during the room visit. We all know that with C. diff it is critical that soap and water be used before exiting a C diff patient’s room. If only the sanitizer is being monitored or used upon exit, that is a problem you can pinpoint with nDemic and begin to remedy immediately.


c.difficile pathogen tracing

Soap vs Sanitizer

Humans follow the path of least resistance and in healthcare today, it’s fast and easy to use sanitizer.  But only proper handwashing kills C. diff.


The Proventix platform allows you to identify which staff are using soap when leaving a C. diff room to prevent the spread of C. diff.


nDemic investigates the spread and origin of pathogens to aid in process improvement strategies without using patient data and disrupting workflow.