nCounter Hand Sanitizer & Soap Monitoring

Track soap/sanitizer solution levels house-wide
Are you monitoring solution levels in your soap and sanitizers?

Access to the fundamentals of proper hand washing are imperative to fighting infections in hospital and healthcare settings. Without it, diseases and bacteria are transported further than they would have traveled had there been access to hand washing resources. When a soap or sanitizer dispenser empties or runs out of batteries, it is too often overlooked and becomes a potentially dangerous problem to staff and patients in your hospital. Performing manual hand sanitizer and soap monitoring is time-consuming, and the staff who manage the soap and sanitizer solution are often very busy.


These dispensers placed throughout a facility can go long periods of time without solution or simply not function because of dead batteries. Solution is also replaced before it is empty to save time, resulting in product waste. All these scenarios impact finances with over-purchasing of solution, soap expiring, and extra patient days due to the spread of infection. Staff may not realize dispensers are empty until many staff, patients, family members, and visitors are inconvenienced with an empty dispenser, which reflects poorly on overall infection control efforts.


Proventix’s nCounter hand sanitizer and soap monitoring and reporting answers these questions. nCounter monitors solution levels in soap and sanitizer units and notifies you when levels are low. It doesn’t matter which brand dispensers your hospital uses!  In addition, Proventix also monitors expiration dates, all in one easy to read report. Our software and patented Pseudo Battery technology help your site maintain appropriate quantities of soap and sanitizer solution for your facility. You won’t have to maintain excess inventory and your dispensers will never need new batteries.


Clean hands are non-negotiable in healthcare. Unfilled or dead dispensers are a solvable problem!  With nCounter, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that when someone at your hospital wants to clean their hands, an empty dispenser will not stand in their way! Your hospital will save time and money by ending early solution exchanges, increasing hand cleaning events, and eliminating dispenser batteries changes.


hand sanitizer & soap monitoring

Proventix’s patented Pseudo Battery

Lighter weight than batteries

No battery changes required

Eliminates the cost of battery maintenance

Vendor-agnostic for dispensers

Makes auto dispensers more appealing to the customer