nGage Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

Proventix's nGage™ system is an radio frequency identification (RFID) network and user application that

  • collects and provides a hospital with hand hygiene data 
  • allows clinicians to visualize individual hand hygiene compliance 
  • provides top-level and granular analytics with dashboards

With nGage, the worker receives personalized messaging in the form of professional, educational and user-identified content, through an active communication display located above the dispenser. RFID tags are used to monitor compliance and create data that is transferred to a central server for review by hospital managers and executives.

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Why is nGage Different?

nGage works because it compels compliance through positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and creating healthcare worker efficiency. With Team Assist®, nGage is designed to become a part of the daily activities of caregivers without causing a disruption in workflow or becoming a source of annoyance.

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