nGage Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

hospital hand sanitizerAbout nGage

Proventix, an early developer of automated hand hygiene compliance, created the nGage™ system, a point-of-care compliance monitoring system that motivates health care workers to follow hand hygiene standards. Hand hygiene is widely recognized as the best means of preventing healthcare associated infections (HAIs); yet best estimates of compliance numbers in hospitals remain incredibly low.

With nGage, the worker receives personalized messaging in the form of professional, educational and user-identified content, through an active communication display located above the dispenser. RFID tags are used to monitor compliance and create data that is transferred to a central server for review by hospital managers and executives.

Proventix can implement the system in any hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, dental office or other patient care environment, sourcing equipment if necessary. nGage is an expandable communications device infrastructure that Proventix will implement and adapt to meet needs of your facility, such as the soap or sanitizer dispensers utilized, monitoring parameters, customized reports and targeted goal setting, and more. The system is also adaptable to meet potential future needs. Contact us to learn more about our nGage system. 

Our Solution to the Problem

In the United States alone, 1.7 million people each year, or 1 out of every 20 patients admitted to U.S. hospitals, contract a healthcare associated infection (HAI). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on any given day around one in every 25 hospital patients has at least one HAI. Hand hygiene has been proven to reduce the incidence of HAIs.

Our History

Healthcare workers want to do a good job and know that hand hygiene is the best way to eliminate the spread of infections. We want to give something back without adding to their already demanding job. That was the idea behind the design of nGage, to engage healthcare workers on both a personal and professional level through messaging that they will appreciate.

Real Results

In an initial installation, HAIs decreased by 22.0% overall on the unit as compared to the same months during the previous year reflecting a decrease of 159 patient days and reduced hospital net losses of over $133,386. During the same period the overall hospital infections decreased by 4% with total hospital admissions slightly increasing for the same time period. For more information, see the APIC abstract and white paper in our Library.

“When we integrated hand hygiene into the care process with nGage, we saw positive patient outcomes, sustainability and the high levels of compliance we are all looking for.”

- Lorene Waller, RN and Nurse Educator


Why is nGage Different?

Whereas some products depend heavily on calling attention to noncompliance – whether through blinking lights, beeps or vibrations – nGage compels compliance through positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and creating healthcare worker efficiency. nGage is designed to become a part of the daily activities of caregivers without causing a disruption in workflow or becoming a source of annoyance.

Who Can Use nGage?

nGage can be easily implemented in any hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, dental office or other patient care environment. The nGage infrastructure allows for installation in any healthcare setting. This technology is soap dispenser and sanitizer neutral. nGage works with any type of alcohol or soap dispenser and is adaptable into any setting within the organization.

Creating Lasting Change

The best means for changing ingrained behaviors is to create processes that drive the caregiver to intrinsically want to do better and allow them to easily do so. Through the Communication Unit’s ability to receive text messages from the Central Server to be presented on its integrated LCD display, the caregiver is drawn to perform the hand hygiene event and read the personalized messages.

The reality is that low levels of hand hygiene compliance are due to inefficient processes, not healthcare workers. We developed nGage to compel healthcare workers to wash their hands through messages that provide personally and professionally relevant information.

By alerting the caregiver of his or her compliance for the day, nGage gives the control to the caregiver. The caregiver is able to stay aware of his or her compliance and see the compliance score increase.

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