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Rounding & Room Time

Produced by: nView and nForce



Mr. Jones in Room 3635 has complained that no one came to check on him all night. Lisa Spence insists she checked on him several times and spent at least an hour in his room since 1:00. The 3 Main Nurse Manager uses nView and nForce to easily pull the data and determine the facts. Case closed!

Starring Lisa Spence, RN

a nurse uses the nGage system


nView by Proventix


With Proventix’s latest release of our rounding report, you can see names of all badged staff that have entered room 3635 and at what exact times by hovering over each name. Here you can see Lisa’s rounding from Midnight through 5 a.m. and confirmation that she has rounded appropriately at the times in question.


nForce by Proventix


The new drill down capabilities go into further detail through nForce

  • Lisa’s room time individually
  • Time not in patient rooms
  • Time spent with Mr. Jones (Room 3635)
  • General department room times
  • Room time vs. indirect patient care

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