Clean Hands Matter… Engage Patients and Their Visitors in the Culture of Safety

Posted: Monday, July 27, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Sustaining high levels of hand hygiene compliance has been a challenge for more than 150 years and subject to great study. In summary, we all know hand hygiene is the number 1 way to prevent the spread of infection diseases in our healthcare institutions and communities.

Healthcare professionals have experienced that there is not a singular fix and most would reasonably accept that improvements require a multimodal approach. Part of the Proventix multimodal approach includes engaging the patients and their visitors into the culture of safety.

Over this past year, Proventix has received various letters expressing gratitude for our solution. A healthcare executive from a neighbor facility visiting a loved one in a Proventix partner hospital wrote,

“I recognized the staff’s demonstration of excellence with High levels of hand hygiene compliance. Well Done! As a healthcare executive I know how hard it is….”

“Can you come talk to our facility about Proventix? I saw it in use while visiting one of my family members in … Hospital.”

Just last week, we received an email from a friend of a patient at a Proventix monitored hospital.

“I am personally requesting information. I had a friend pass away at _____ Hospital in _________. She had cancer and before she died she asked me to get one of your hand washing w/LCD screen with the trivia readout for her husband for Christmas. I know this is an unusual request but I promised I try. I didn’t realize that it is not common place and you can’t find to buy over the counter. Is there any way I can purchase a system from you or another distributor? Thank you for your time and consideration. “

After receiving this note and talking to the friend of the patient, we learned that the patient preferred a quiet room and the trivia messages displayed after each hand hygiene event not only helped keep her safe but allowed all the family members to have something to talk about and create some levity. Even the 5 year old family member was engaged in hand washing because of the enjoyment of watching the new messages appear on the screen while she washed her hands.

In response to this particular note, Proventix sent a Communications Unit (CU) with custom messaging to the patient’s husband and family. A button under the CU will allow them to change the messages and view various trivia messages based on his personal interests. Our team was touched by this request, and is honored to provide this gift.
Our data shows that the hand hygiene of visitors and patients increases when healthcare workers demonstrate leadership and diligence.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday season. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers, their patients, and their patients’ loved ones in 2014.

God Bless,
Harvey Nix
CEO & Founder Proventix Systems


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