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Uncompromising safety for any work environment

Proventix was built for times like these

In 2009, Proventix became a pioneer in hand hygiene technology. Our mission has remained the same for over a decade – we are committed to improving hand hygiene for the safety of others. Today, we remain steadfast in that mission while moving forward with a comprehensive technology platform designed to help management teams improve processes across their entire organization. In our implementations to date, Proventix has proven to dramatically improve compliance with hand hygiene guidelines and promote improvements in other quality indicators. The nGage™ system provides a simple light reminder as you approach an area that hand washing is necessary.


As our world continues to change, we are here to support your organization in hand hygiene and best practices.


The data collected by the nGage system is accurate. Rather than installing something that is battery operated, our installation of low-voltage wiring means that batteries don’t die and need to be replaced or recharged. It also means that data collection can occur 24/7 without interruptions.  By having the entire nGage system run on low-voltage wiring, we can seamlessly monitor hand  hygiene compliance, equipment locations, and pathogen tracing.


• Reduce the spread of infections with electronic hand hygiene monitoring
• Prevent additional time off for unnecessary work-related illness
• Identify individual feedback and promote safety and workflow efficiencies
• Aggregate information and measure all teams the same way
• Track sources of infections
• Improve financial impact with labor analytics

We realize that behind every successful business is a group of hard-working people who are taking risks daily to remain part of a well work force. We are committed to our partnership in this fight against invisible enemies and will work even harder to focus on making America safe again, one wash at a time.

Safety counts with Proventix.

Employee safety is more essential than ever. Proventix can help transform your safety culture by tracking dispensing with hand hygiene compliance at the team and individual level. Proventix should be part of your company’s work safety plan to promote participation by introducing employee and team safety scores. Use your safety scores and rewards programs
to drive change and accountability in the workplace while promoting safety.


Real-time Safety Performance.

Now is the time to improve our focus and actions on the wellbeing of others. Hand hygiene remains the number one process that we can improve upon to ensure the safety of ourselves, our families, and our colleagues.

Utilize nGage to promote staff wellbeing during COVID-19 by:
• Washing hands at the appropriate times and locations (including meeting rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, combined work areas)
• Designing walk paths to improve workflow and ensure increased dispensing

Uncompromising safety for any work environment