Automated monitoring, consistent feedback and accountability improve hand hygiene outcomes

Posted: Monday, November 2, 2015 at 12:00:00 am

Leaders of a hospital implemented the nGage™ system in a solid organ transplant unit and a surgical oncology unit. They sought meaningful performance metrics to establish a hand hygiene adherence feedback and accountability program including active executive and unit leadership, goal-setting and an accountability campaign using individual compliance rates.  Leaders also wanted to determine the cost-efficacy of this multi-disciplinary effort. As a result of the implementation, hand hygiene solution dispensing increased 65.6% and hand hygiene compliance increased 72.1%. The overall savings achieved at the hospital were $341,860 and 393 days length of stay. The return on investment for the program was $2.52. The implementation demonstrated that emerging technologies can provide cost-effective, comprehensive monitoring and meaningful hand hygiene metrics. This organization significantly improved clinical outcomes and achieved a return on investment for their multi-disciplinary program.


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