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Advanced Technology. Seamless Workflow.
We are Leaders

We’ve been driving data to hospitals since 2008.  In that decade, we’ve gained an impeccable client retention rate. In addition, a wealth of our new business comes from client referrals and current client hospital expansions.  Our employees have been here since the inception of the company and are passionately committed to making a difference in healthcare while evolving with our customers.

We are Innovators

We were pioneers in the quest for hand hygiene compliance technology but realized that as times were changing, so were the demands on healthcare management teams.  In order to grow with our clients, we began listening to their issues and started extensive research on what they were struggling with.  Once we felt we had a clear vision for our new platform, we started developing our new tools and considering their needs down to the last detail.  We may have started in 2008 with hand hygiene, but now our network includes temperature monitoring, asset tracking, pathogen tracing, soap dispenser technology, rounding solutions and labor utilization reporting.   We provide seven services inside one platform.

We are Realists

The more you can manage from one platform, the more time you can spend taking care of your patients.  We know you don’t need a coach; you need a data rich network you can utilize for multiple purposes.  You need reports that can back you up in many different areas while providing valuable insight on areas for improvement.  Our platform was built to deliver extensive capabilities that reach far across your management areas, saving you time that can keep you patient focused.

Our nGage system offers proprietary features

Reports can be shared via subscriptions

100% American-owned and operated

Zero impact on clinical workflow

Our proprietary Pseudo Battery eliminates the need to maintain batteries in all automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers

Our proprietary Pseudo Battery eliminates the need to maintain batteries in all automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers

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Decrease Vendors

Save time and frustration by decreasing your vendors with a partner that provides multiple technology solutions.

Real-Time Data

Our revolutionary systems provide actionable dashboards with real-time data that can lead to improved metrics using RFID technology.

Multiple Solutions

We evolved using our original hand hygiene platform, and developed that into a suite of products.

Case Study

A recent study of 8 Proventix hospitals reported these compelling results.


Improvement to Bottom Line



Reduction in Length of Stay



Direct Cost Savings