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nGage™, a point-of-care hand hygiene compliance monitoring system, successfully motivates healthcare workers to follow hand hygiene standards, engaging healthcare workers personally and professionally with active messaging. Clean Hands Matter®

Proventix’s nGage™ offers more than just hand hygiene, focusing on patient safety and satisfaction through monitoring, reporting and analytics.


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Proventix Systems, Inc. is dedicated to outcome-driven technology solutions to help healthcare providers deliver the highest quality of care. A recent study* of 8 Proventix hospitals reported:


Saving $3,164,129 in direct costs
Improving their bottom line by $1,651,006
Reducing length of stay by 2,452 days
 *Information collected and summarized from APIC 2013 abstracts. Visit our Library for each abstract.

Client Stories

“At Princeton Baptist Medical Center, we have observed that employees want to know they are receiving credit for washing their hands. Prior to installation, we were concerned the staff would have hesitations about being monitored. After interacting with the nGage system, they understand the system only reinforces that they are washing their hands, and does not punish them if they fail to wash their hands. We have seen increases in soap and sanitizer dispensing rates in every unit. Having the nGage system has encouraged our employees to wash their hands more frequently, and patients and families have noticed our increased focus on hand hygiene and have followed our staff’s example.”
“As a team, we made the commitment that hand hygiene compliance on our Unit is non-negotiable and is considered a standard part of our patient workflow. We like to keep things simple, communicate our expectations, properly educate our staff, and then ultimately, hold them accountable for their numbers. We continue to improve patient safety on a daily basis, and it shows in our Unit’s hand hygiene compliance percentages. These improvements demonstrate each team member’s acceptance of their personal responsibility to provide a safe environment for our patients.”